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"And let there be light" -- Plug and play supplemental back up lighting

When I replaced my 1998 Jeep Cherokee with a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee I knew there was going to be an adjustment period.  I was going from a vehicle that was the most stripped down version (Jeep Cherokee SE 2DR 4.0L manual transmission) to a vehicle that was the most feature loaded vehicle I have owned.  Another thing I had never had before is tinted windows.  The factory tinted windows on the Grand Cherokee are dark,  I mean welding helmet dark.  This coupled with the pathetic factory back up lights in the tail lights made it difficult to see behind the vehicle.

I needed a solution that required the least amount of cutting and wiring that would give me additional lighting when backing up.  I researched improving the existing back up bulbs but there really wasn't much I could do without taxing the circuit they are on or potentially melting the housings.  I then thought of an LED light bar. Here is the step by step installation that I did, the best part is I did not have to cut into…