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What’s on the bench for Spring?

17 inches of Flor, Burl and rubberized cork.

The quick answer is a another Anglers Roost rod blank.  I am currently building the 2/3 weight 11’ blank.  Call it a Switch rod, call it a Trout Spey rod, it doesn’t matter, it’s being built as a two hand rod so maybe Ultra-light Two Hand rod.  I am going to fish it for everything that I can that will take a fly.  I decided that for this rod build I would make the investment of time and energy on building some rod building tools to make my life a little bit easier.

Homemade Cork Lathe and Clamp

I originally sourced a stand alone motor to drive my cork lathe, after getting it all built and adjusted it developed a death wobble and was a total failure.  Back to the drawing board and back to using the drill as the power source.  I did this on my last rod builds on a cobbled together lathe that was not repeatable.  Each time I used it I had to disassemble it and rebuild it adjusting to get rid of the wobble.  This lathe is adjustable for short …