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If “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, then my work bench is going to hell.

Thanks Shane

After seeing Shane Gray (Graywolf Products and Services) post on the Graywolf Facebook page about how he puts his Varnish in smaller brown lab bottles I knew that was the route I needed to go.  I have always had the problem with not having a small enough container to use my Spar Varnish out of that wouldn’t skin over in a day or two.  I tried a small mason jar container but no luck.  So a quick trip online to Amazon and I had six of these dropper bottles on the bench in no time.  Now I work on one rod at a time, and only do a rod or two a year so not having to open my quart can of Spar repeatedly is great.  I use the dropper to dispense into these little stainless steel sauce cups I found at Sam’s club.  This allows me to mix / thin as I go and the dropper makes the ratio of thinner to varnish easy to calculate.