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Slacking from the Blogging–Few pictures of what I have been doing.

Last post was some cork porn well you get to see what it was turned into.  First I built a cork lathe to make things go a little faster and with more control.  It’s not pretty but it works and it is balanced.  I wanted to try a grip style other than the standard Half Wells or Full Wells grip so I went with a modified Ritz style grip.  The blank is an Anglers Roost fiberglass 7’ 3/4 wt.Going sans winding check I just wanted a little bit of color ahead of the grip.That is Anglers Workshop 3/0 Orange Silk thread (little secret it’s YLI 100) and YLI 100 black.  The silk is without color preserver so it will go translucent and is slightly lighter than the blank color after the varnish.This is my first time working with Silk and it has a bit of a learning curve to it, here I wanted a very light looking signature area trim band so I decided to go with a 4 turn trim band.Hollow spigot ferrules, the trim band thread ends will be trimmed after the first soaking coat of thinned Spar varnish.  Ha…