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Dragonfly Angler–Dragon Fly Leader Review

Furled leaders, falsehoods, and the fly fishing Fairy .  Recently I received several of Dragonfly Angler’s new leaders.  Now I am familiar with furled leaders in concept, I never used one because I was told “Oh they throw spray, the fish see them, and they catch all the junk in the water”.  Now usually this is coming from someone who is selling the one piece tapered leaders.  So when I received the leaders I figured I would throw down the gauntlet, because these are not your standard furled leaders these are what I would call a marriage of a furled leader butt section and carefully crafted knotted leader tip.  I, being the last person to be called a great caster, added another hurdle to for these leaders to overcome.Test one:  Wind resistant flies8’ 4wt rod (St. Croix slow action)Dragon fly leader 5X 9.5’ Fly – Size 10 rubber-legged StimulatorWind – Top of a mountain – It’s always windy and I am the only one that even attempts to fly fish this lake.So I start out with just getting the…

From the Rod Building Department.

I have to admit I have been seriously slacking on posting.  Here is what I have been doing.  Blank is a 4/5 wt 11 foot Switch rod blank from Anglers Roost.  The reel seat is from the broken fiberglass rod build.  The fore grip is a 11 inch Center Pin grip with some turned rubberized cork rings at both ends.  I will be turning the fore grip slightly to give it a bit more shape but being that this is a budget build the price of a Center pin cork grip was $16 a Switch or Spey  $26 – $46 so we will see how it all turns out.