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Catching a break…

This was a first.  I have never had a fishing rod break during use.  Took a little stroll the other day to cast foam poppers to Bass.  I was using an 8wt Bass Bug taper line from Orvis for short casts (less than 20 feet) and at that distance it loaded the rod nicely.  I would land the popper next to something that looked promising, let it sit still for a moment, twitch it, wait then a little pop or two.  Then it was onto the next spot.  As I cast I noticed some thing stuck on my line.  Yes it was the tip of the rod.  This rod was never, bumped, dropped or hit with a fly.  In fact it has been treated with kid gloves, always going back to it’s spot in my office.  As I looked at the rod blank I also noticed cracks between the snake guide shown above and the next snake guide.  I don’t know if it was a manufacturing issue, material issue, or the back and forth stress on the Jann’s blank but it let go.  I stripped the guides and reel seat off the blank to save for another project.