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Unshackled or What to do when your fishing vehicle breaks…

I think there is a special hell for fisherman when your fishing vehicle breaks.  Not only are you out of transportation, but the time you have to spend fixing said vehicle severely cuts into your time on the water.  I had the wonderful experience to have both rear spring shackles on my 1998 Jeep Cherokee break.  Funny thing was I didn’t notice anything but a strange clunking sound every once and awhile.  At the time I had a bunch of stuff for work in the back of the vehicle, and I reorganized it three times to find out what was moving around.  Only when I looked underneath the Jeep and noticed “Hey isn’t there supposed to be something connecting that leaf spring to the rest of the vehicle?” Did I realize what had happened.  My vehicle was officially unshackled with the springs resting against the body, it was a slow ride home from work that day.  Hopefully soon it will be back in action and I will be back on the water.