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Light Blogging Alert–Old Man Winter’s teeth closing down

Sorry for the light blogging but the winter weather is here and the fly rods are away.  This year is probably the earliest that I packed up the rods and called it for the season.  This was due to Hurricane Sandy, the cold weather and work.  Sandy was a strange storm up here in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Usually we get some wind and tons of rain from these systems.  This one was the opposite.  We had some rain but the force of the wind was incredible.  Having lived through Hurricane Gloria in 1985 I remember one thing about that storm over all others, the sound of the wind.  The night of Sandy I heard that sound again.  People asked me how fast I thought the wind was blowing in the storm and when I told them 85 mph they asked how I knew.  My response is when you are 10 years old and you experience the scariest thing in your life to that point, you remember that sound.
In preparation of the storm I packed up all the rods from the shed and brought them in.  I am guilty of being lazy or ef…