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12 years in the making.

12 years ago I moved from the salt marshes on the south shore of Long Island to the top of a mountain in Pennsylvania.  I was driving to the new house with my brother when I spotted this lake.  I was excited to see what appeared to be a perfect lake, just around the corner from my new home.  My excitement was crushed when my brother informed me that the lake was private and that I wouldn’t be able to fish it.And so I drove past this lake every day on my way to work always giving it a little glance, the glance all fisherman do when they see promising water, there it was just out of my reach.  Fast forward 12 years… My Jeep is parked on the beach and I am unloading my kayak.  See I found a way around the “Private” water issue.  Get a job on the lake!  Believe it or not I have worked there nearly 5 years and haven’t fished the lake.  Today all that changed.  I had to do this right so I was going to be a kayak trip as there is no place to cast a fly from shore, and it had to be fiberglass…

Rod wrapping stand warning

When I built my rod wrapping stand I used what I had laying around.  To pad the V blocks I used the non scratching stick on pads for furniture.  Warning do not do as I did.  Get the adhesive Velcro that they sell in hardware stores by the foot and use the soft side.  This will cushion your rod and allow you to use the other side of the Velcro to hold the rod from falling out.  The pads I used shed fibers everywhere.  This really becomes and issue when you are putting the finish on the thread wraps.  Live and learn.