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Missed opportunities or If the answer had teeth it would have bit you already

I am very fortunate that my "real job" is right on a lake.  While other people toil away in there windowless offices and cubicles I have the panoramic view of a lake.  Instead of the sound of people pecking away at keyboards I have the songs of Bluebirds and the peeping sound Ospreys as they circle over head.

Yesterday I was talking to a person that lives right on the lake who I know fly fishes and while we were talking his rod was standing in the corner right next to us.  I asked him how the fishing had been, knowing he fishes several of the streams around the area.  He replied that the fishing was good but he had to practice the catching, aka fighting the fish and landing it.  We got to talking about the nearly biblical Midge hatch we had on the lake and how the fish had been rising and coming all the way out of the water to feast on them.  Keep it in mind that this lake is what I would consider a warm water fishery, years ago they stocked trout as a put and take fishery b…