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The Fish List

So I have decided that starting this year I am on a quest to catch all the species of fish that live in my surrounding area on a fly and photograph them. To some this may not sound so difficult and for some of the species it isn't. Bluegills, Yellow perch, Largemouth Bass, Pickerels, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Brook Trout are all walking distance from my home. My challenge is to catch the other species like Bowfin and Fresh Water Drum. Finding Bowfin in my area has been a challenge as I only found one lake listed as having them and it is off the beaten path. I have a Jeep and a kayak so I am ready for this.

Budget Reels - New offering from Cabelas

Last post I was looking at budget fiberglass rods, now I want to cover some budget reels and  a new offering from Cabelas.  I already own two and a half Cabelas brand fly reels currently, and I will go over the half model issue right now.  I bought two of the Prestige One reels when Cabelas had a midnight cost per reel $14.99.  Due to my own testing of gravity I managed to drop one of the reels spools on my kitchen floor which dented and broke the outside edge of the spool, so I was left with one good reel and another reel minus the spool.  I tried to find a spare spool and to my dismay they were over $20.  The only operational issue I had with these reels was that the drag was horrible, either no drag or full stop and getting it wet made it worse.  The fix to this is to add a little white lithium grease to the drag disk and shoe (it looks like disc brakes on a car) after this little tweak the reels are awesome with smooth as silk drags.

The second model of Cabelas reel I purchased wi…

Affordable Glass Rod Blanks

While I dream of having Shane over at Graywolf Rods build me a one of his incredible rods, I like many others just can't spend that amount of money on a new rod right now. So the budget glass rods going in descending price order are the Cabelas CGR at $99 or the Eagle Claw Featherweight rods at $20.  The other option is to buy a fiberglass fly rod blank and build your own rod.  Quick search on the Internet will yield some interesting results (here is where I wish I could insert the sounds of crickets in a blog post) there is only one budget fiberglass fly rod blank available... Well sort of.  Janns Netcraft lists a 5/6 weight fiberglass fly rod blank for $18.29 and it's listed as currently not available.  Well here is the good news they should be available in June.  I chatted with one of the customer service reps this morning (Thanks Scott) and he was able to give me that release date for the blanks.  They have switched to another manufacturer to make the blanks and that is t…