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ALLEN Fly Co. Fly Line Review

On the 16th I put up a short blog post that Allen Fly fishingwas having a sale and I had ordered one of their fly lines. With the sale price and shipping I was able to get a 6wt WF line to my door for the grand total of $12.75.  The regular price for the fly lines is $22 so they are even a deal at that price.  Shipping being only $1.75 is unheard of these days and they actually paid more to ship it to me then they charge.

The packaging is utilitarian plain black box with the company name, no flashy pictures, descriptions or nothing of the type.  Face it either we will stack the box with other fly line boxes or end up throwing it out.  I would rather have the cost of a product actually be in the product not the packaging and I feel Allen Fly Fishing is following this idea.

The edge of the box is marked for the 
line weight and type and this is the first time I have ever seen a "D" before the line type.  This is the designation for the dual or two tone line.

Why two tone line?  I…

Losing Flies & Losing Fish (maybe even losing my mind)

I will freely admit, I absolutely hate losing flies.  Trees have been climbed, grass has been combed on my hands and knees, unscheduled swims have been employed for the sake of retrieving a fly.  Losing fish to me really isn't a big deal, I want to get a photo of them but if a long distance release happens I don't get too upset.  Now if I lose a fish and a fly due to the tippet breaking it bothers me to lose the fly, but with the barb crushed down I don't worry much about the survival of the fish as I have hooked and broke off a fish only to catch it a day later and the fly had fallen out and obviously the fish was doing fine (fish in question had a unique mark from a bite so I could tell it was the same one).  Then there is the situation in which I found myself yesterday.

So I decided to do a little panfishing on a local lake, so I loaded up the kayak grabbed a 4wt and a box of flies and off I was on the lake.  I tied on my now favorite fly for late season bluegill, the mi…

How do fish know what is in my fly box?

Yesterday I go down to my local lake for some casual fishing for panfish before I go off to work.  Being it was a bit windy, and there is a possibility of hooking  some large trout I grabbed the 6wt and my box of small panfish/trout flies.  So I walk the bank and notice there are no fish in the usual places.  A few casts here a few casts there and not even a Bluegill is moving.  Then I look down 7 feet in front of me and see why... Two Largemouth Bass are cruising back and forth at my feet and by rough estimates between 7 and 8 pounds.  Bass fever was in full effect, I fumbled through my box and found the biggest fly, tied it on and laid out a cast right in front of the Bass closest to me.  The fly sank perfect right in front of the bass it moved to the fly... tipped its' head down inspecting the fly (right now my heart is beating out of my chest, the space time continuum has slowed and the earth has shifted on its axis) and swims right past it towards me and up to just below the …

There's a first time for everything...

First Blog post on my first Blog.  So when thinking of making a Blog, first what to name it?  Fringe Element Fly Fishing?  Yeah I know, long and confusing.  So the Fringe Element thing has been stuck in my head for years. In a conversation with a manager at my previous employer he described me as being on the fringe of our organization.  This was followed by the sentence, "You think too much and actually get things done".  This stuck with me and it really described my fly fishing in the area that I live.  The question "You are fishing for WHAT? With that FLY?" was for the longest time the only things I heard from the other people fly fishing around me.  I guess I wasn't conforming to the acceptable norm around here.  

Ground rules are that you fish for trout, rising trout, with dry flies, in traditional patterns, and if after fishing unsuccessfully with all dry flies then move to a nymph. Streamers are frowned upon and anyone who uses one should feel dirty.  All…